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DC Drives Parker 590P

Product Code: PARK-DCD-4
Availability: 12


The 590+ is available in either module, or alternatively "DRV" format up to 165A. The DRV version includes all the peripheral power components associated with a DC drive system integrally fitted within the footprint area of the drive.

DRV options include the following integrally mounted within the drive :

• AC line contactor
• AC line fuses
• DC fuses (regenerative versions)
• Control/Field fuses
• Motor blower starter
• Auxiliary control transformer

All major power components are mounted under the hinged cover within the footprint area of the drive.

Characteristics and advantages

• Extremely simple set-up and programming
• Removable Key Pad
• Extremely Compact
• Motor Thermistor Input

Technical specifications

Power bridge :
590Plus 4 quadrant regenerative
Dual (2) Three Phase SCR bridgesi
591Plus non-regenerative 2 quadrant
Single (1) SCR bridge
Variable Field control with SCR's

Available frames by armature
current rating:

15, 35, 40, 70, 110, 165 Ampere.

Overload :
200% for 10 sec.
150% for 30 sec.

Ambient Temperature :

Memory :
User : 4Mb (TS8003, TS8006), 8Mb (TS8008, TS8010), 32Mb (TS8015) onboard non-volatile flash memory.


The 590Plus complies to standard code when installed in accordance to manufacturers installation manual.

•EN50178 (Protection, Low Voltage Directive)
•EN50081-2 (1992) (EMC emissions in industrial ambience )
•EN50082-2 (1995) (Immune in industrial EMC environment)
•EN61000-3-2 (Standard harmonics with line inductors)

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