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VLT® Automation Drive FC 300

Product Code: DNF-VLT-AD-FC300
Availability: 12
Features and Benefits
0.25 - 37 kW (200 - 240 V)
0.37 - 800 kW (380 - 500 V)
0.75 - 75 KW (525 - 600V)
37 kW – 1.2 MW (525 - 690V)

The drive meets requirements for enclosure class IP 20/Chassis. Optional IP21/NEMA 1, IP55/NEMA 12, IP 54/NEMA12 or IP66 NEMA 4X.

Smart logic controller
The VLT® AutomationDrive features logic control functions and a sequence control based on events and actions.

The VLT® AutomationDrive comes standard with the safe stop functionality suitable for category 3 installations according to EN 954-1. This feature prevents the drive from starting unintended.

Hot plugable LCP
The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be plugged in or out during operation. Settings are easily transferred via the control panel from one drive to another or from a PC with set-up software.

Intelligent heat management
Cooling can take place in two ways to offer different sets of benefits. Forced convection cooling: A fan blows cold air through the cooling ribs of the aluminium base to remove heat. The channel is easily cleaned without touching electronics. Cold plate cooling: External cooling is possible through the back side of the aluminium base. Panel through mounting: Electronics inside cabinet - power heat sink outside cabinet. Duct cooling: Air from the control room – or from outside – cools the heatsink without contact to the electronics.

For the VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 a wide selection of accessories is available to suit your needs. For further details see Operation Instruction.

Options for bus communication, synchronisation, user programs, etc., are delivered ready to plug-and-play.

Display options
Graphical Local Control Panel
(LCP 102)Numerical Local Control Panel
(LCP 101) LCP Panel Mounting Kit
Blind Cover

Application option
24V input option for control voltage.

Fieldbus options
PROFIBUS DP V1 (MCA 101) Profisafe-Stop (MCA 103)
DeviceNet (MCA 104)
CAN Open (MCA 105)
EtherNet IP (MCA 121)

I/O options
General Purpose I/O (MCB 101) Encoder Input (MCB 102) Resolver Input (MCB 103) Relay Option (MCB 105) Safe PLC I/O (MCB 108) PTC Thermistor Card (MCB 112)

Motion control options
Motion Control (MCO 305) Synchronizing Control (MCO 350) Positioning Control (MCO 351)
Centre Winder (MCO 352)

Power Options
Advanced Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010 MCE)

Brake Resistors
Brake resistors
Fittings and frames for mounting more resistors together

Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010 MCE) Sine-Wave Filters (MCC 101) dU/dt filter (MCC 102)

Other accessories
IP21/NEMA 1 Kit Profibus Adaptor Sub-D9 Connector Decoupling Plate for Fieldbus Cables USB Connection cable to PC

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