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Inverter 3G3JX

Product Code: OMR-INV-3G3JX
Availability: 12
Easy Network Integration
The RS-485 Modbus is built into the RS-485 port in the inverter front, making it very easy to add inverters into the network without any extra option boards. Therefore, saving money and space.

Easy Communications Setting
Modbus commands are implemented even in low end CP1 PLC family by Modbus-RTU Easy Master functionality, making it easier than ever to integrate the inverters into the network.

Noise Measurement for Pheriperal Equipment
As a noise measure, a built-in radio noise filter is a standard feature on every model* that saves on costs and space compared with the standard external filter solution.

No Additional Device Required
Even advanced functionality such as PID control is standard with the JX inverter making it a convenient solution for applications such as pumps & fans where pressure, flow and other processes need controlling.

Auto Energy-Saving Function
This function automatically minimizes the Inverter output power during constant speed operation. It has a large energy-saving effect when used with fans and pumps.

Side by Side Mounting Saves Space
When several Inverters are to be mounted in a control panel, side-by-side mounting makes it possible to mount them closely together, thus saving space.
Note: Some models have restrictions in the ambient temperature, carrier frequency, and output current.
Line Up
3G3KX Inverter Models
Rated voltage Enclosure rating Max. applicable motor capacity Model
3-phase 200 V AC IP20 0.2 kW 3G3JX-A2002
0.4 kW 3G3JX-A2004
0.75 kW 3G3JX-A2007
1.5 kW 3G3JX-A2015
2.2 kW 3G3JX-A2022
3.7 kW 3G3JX-A2037
5.5 kW 3G3JX-A2055
7.5 kW 3G3JX-A2075
1/3-phase 200 V AC 0.2 kW 3G3JX-AE002
0.4 kW 3G3JX-AE004
0.75 kW 3G3JX-AE007
1.5 kW 3G3JX-AE015
2.2 kW 3G3JX-AE022
3-phase 400 V AC 0.4 kW 3G3JX-A4004
0.75 kW 3G3JX-A4007
1.5 kW 3G3JX-A4015
2.2 kW 3G3JX-A4022
3.7 kW 3G3JX-A4037
5.5 kW 3G3JX-A4055
7.5 kW 3G3JX-A4075

Name Specifications Model
  Number of
FA Integrated
Tool Package
Ver. 4.[]
The CX-One is a comprehensive software package that
integrates Support Software for OMRON PLCs and

CX-One runs on following OS.
Windows XP (Service Pack 3 or higher, 32-bit version) / Windows Vista (32-bit/64-bit version) / Windows 7
(32-bit/64-bit version) / Windows 8(32-bit/64-bit version) / Windows 8.1(32-bit/64-bit version) CX-One Version.4.[] includes CX-Drive Ver.2.[].

For details, refer to the CX-One catalog (Cat. No.R134)
1 license

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