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PI9000 Solar Inverter

Product Code: PTR-PI9000-SOLAR
Availability: 12
Powtran PI9000s - Special Solar Inverter.
  1. Supports AC&DC input : DC solar panel input. DC battery input & main AC input. And If no good sunshine, can use grid main AC input work the pumps.
  2. Dry protection : If no water in the ground, the water pump will stop working automatically and when the water comes, starts to working automatically.
  3. Automatic working : When the sunshine not good then pumps slow down automatically and when sun become good then go on working.
  4. PID feedback (0-10v ,0-20mA) Solar inverter PID can control the water level in the tank. No enough water in the tank working fast, enough water will stop working automatically. (how many water you need, you can set the parameters).
  5. Speed & frequency control : 0-320hz output by Vector control/0-3200hz output by VF control.
  6. RS485 long distance control / Monitor /adjust parameters by computers etc : Operating and monitoring the working of the solar inverters by computers with RS485 . (Generally within 100 meters, if need longer, need add relays. One computer can control 255pcs inverter at most at the same time.
Protocol: Modbus, Canbus, Profibus.
  • Solar pump inverter settings:F0.03 main frequency source is set to PID mode, E0.00 photovoltaic operation mode select CVT or MPPT.
Solar pump operating mode:
  • Select by the function code E0.00

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