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Paper Recycling Machine

Availability: 12
Basic Information
  • Raw Material : Virgin Pulp, Waste Paper
  • Process : Paper Machine
  • Type : Paper Processing
  • Certification : ISO
  • Model : 2400m
  • Usage : Household Paper Machine
  • Automated : Yes
  • Computerized : Yes
Technical Parameters
  • Adapt Pulp : Waste paper, finished pulp.
  • Output paper : High and middle grade tissue paper.
  • Output weight : 13-40G/M2
  • Net paper width : 2400 mm
  • Wire width : 2850mm
  • Capacity : 10T/D
  • Working speed : 150-200m/min
  • Rail gauge : 3200mm
  • Drive : AC converter frequency conversion, adjustable speed, drive step by step .
Usage: This equipment is mainly used to degrade pulp board, waste paper and broken paper, deinking and pulp purification.

Vibrating screen
It is mainly used to select pulp roughly. with steady pulp box and pulp receiving groove, this machine is full closed and has some advantages of firm structured, long operating life, convenient in maintenance and so on.

Pulp pump
This pump is a new equipment of conveying pulp in pulping paper making industry. It has advantages of unblocking, wide concentration range(1%-5%), low requirement of sizing agent and save electricity 50%.

Double disc refiner
ZDP series double disc pulp grinder adopts reliable mechanical sealing, maintaining such characteristics as compact structure, small land needing, high efficiency, low power consumption, good adaptability, simple operation, flexible adjustments and convenient maintenance, to prevent pulp leaking and shaft wearing. It is comparatively the ideal equipment for continuous pulping. Single machine or several machines in series can be used in accordance with requirements of pulping process.

Usage: This machine is mainly used to wash pulp and make paper white

Application: The machine is mainly used for various types of pulp cleaning and decontamination, and its internal setting is a guiding device, this machine is an ideal equipment using centrifugal principle to remove the larger volume of mixed adhesive materials, sand, wax, hot melt adhesive, plastic film, dust, foam, gas, iron, ink and other heavy particles, light impurities.

Centrifugal screen
ZSL series centrifugal screen, which is the improved equipment of the CX centrifugal screen, can be used in various paper pulp screening and sizing agent accurate selecting, and is the widely used screen equipment in paper making pulping industry at present.

Usage: It can be used in sizing agent concentration below 5%, 15_100m3 round or square pulp chests. The construction of pulp chest is simple and convenience. It can also be added the motor power properly to enlarge the sizing agent concentration and pulp chest volume.

ZBK series Roots vacuum pump and box
ZBK series Roots vacuum pump is a rough vacuum equipment, which is widely used in paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials, food, clothing, sugar and other industries, in this range, compared with water-ring vacuum pump pumping speed, ZBK series Roots vacuum pump has advantages of high efficiency, compact structure, small size, easy maintenance, long life, and low consumption. Pumping medium is dry and moist air or water mixture, but the media can not contain particulate matter, high dust gases or corrosive substances.

Full automatic rewinding and perforating machine
Automatic rewinding and perforating machine is the economic and automatic rewinding machine combined with the needs of our customers. The remote communication service system, which research and development independently, can monitor the operation of machinery at any time, and be equipped with the latest research and development of non-core rewinding roll forming system, enjoy a wide range of practicality.

Toilet paper cutting machine
Band saw paper-cutter is used, matching with knurling rewinding punch, to cut into needed paper roll product in accordance with required length and width. This machine is equipped with automatic sharpening and traveling table device, maintaining stable operation performance and high production efficiency.
NO. Equipment Qty (set)
1 2400mm single cylinder single wire & single felt high speed tissue paper machine 1
2 Double layer exhaust hood 1
3 axial-flow fan 1
4 Sealed pressure cylinder vat 1
5 15 type roots vacuum pump 1
6 Suction box 2
7 8m 3 High consistency hydrapulper 1
8 2M2 High frequency vibrating screen 2
9 35 m 3 bleacher 6
10 380 double disc refiner 3
11 Φ 700 thruster 8
12 CX0.9 centrifugal screen 2
13 606 desander 10pcs 2 groups
14 Two-phase flow pump-100 6
15 Two-phase flow pump-150 8
16 2400mmrewinding & perforating machine 1
17 Cutting machine    1
18 Sealing machine 1
18 Pump cabinet      1
19 Frequency control cabinet 1
20 2T boiler(burn coal) 1

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