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Full-Automatic 1/4 Folding Colored Napkin Paper Machine

Product Code: MSN-PPM-12
Availability: 1
Full-Automatic 1/4 Folding Colored Napkin Paper Making Machine XY-OQ-7000A

Full Automatic Paper Napkin Machine is used to fold the jumbo roll into the Square or Rectangular paper napkin. The machine system includes Printing, Embossing, Folding,Counting and Cutting. The speed of the automatic paper napkin folder is controlled by the frequency drive. The counting could be varied according to the requirement.

  1. Controlled with rolling tension to fit production with different tension of raw paper
  2. Count automatically and orderly placed, convenient to pack.
  3. Attach with folding unit ensuring accurate position and unify sizes of product.
  4. Adopt steel against wool embossing roller to have clear embossment.
  5. The machine can equip with single color printing unit or two color printing unit according to customers' requirement.
  6. We can different specification of machine according to customers' requirement.
  7. This machine can equip with steel against steel embossing roller.
Technical data:
  1. Folding size of the product: 150mmx150mm
  2. Unfold size of the product: 300mmx300mm
  3. Production speed: 400-600 Sheets/min
  4. Width of raw paper: 300mm
  5. Diameter of raw paper: 600mm-1200mm
  6. Diameter of paper core: 76.2mm
  7. Power: 4.5Kw(380V 50Hz)
  8. Overall size(m): 3.4-4.2X0.9X1.5((LxWxH)
  9. Weight: About 1000KG
Working Width   400mm / 330mm / 300mm / 270mm / 220mm/ 200mm
Printing Unit 1-3 colors as per requirement
Embossing Unit  Full or border pattern as per requirement
Parent Roll Diameter   1200mm
Parent Roll Core Inner Diameter   76.2mm
Interfolding style 1/4  1/6  1/8 fold (as per requirement )
Speed  300 to 600 sheets per min (speed varies according to quality of paper)
Installed Power 3.7Kw-4.5 ( 380V 50Hz )
Air Pressure Required Provide by buyer
Transmission   Timing belts
Controlling System Frequency Drive
Machine Weight 1000kg
Space Required 3.4-4.2x0.9x1.5m

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