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VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500

Product Code: DNF-SSTAR-MCD5
Availability: 12
VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500
VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 is a total motor starting solution. Current transformers measure motor current and provide feedback for controlled motor ramp profiles. AAC, the Adaptive Acceleration Control automatically employs the best starting and stopping profile for the application.

Power range
21 – 1600 A, 7,5 – 800 kW
(1,2 MW inside Delta Connection) Versions for 200 – 690 VAC

AAC, the Adaptive Acceleration Control automatically employs the best starting and stopping profile for the application. Adaptive Acceleration Control means that for each start and stop, the soft starter compares and adapts the process to the chosen profile best suited to the application.

The VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 has a four-line graphical display and a logic keypad making programming easy. Advanced setup is possible displaying operational status.
Three menu systems: Quick Menu, Application Setup and Main Menu provide optimum programming approach.

Start and stop
  • Adaptive Acceleration Control (AAC)Current limit start
  • Current ramp start
  • Dual parameter function
  • Kick-start
  • Jog
  • Adaptive Deceleration Control (AAC)
  • TVR soft stop (Timed Voltage Ramp)
  • Coast to stop
  • DC brake function – three phase
  • Soft brake function
  • As MCD 202 +
  • Under current
  • Current imbalance
  • Starter overtemperature
  • Restart delay
  • Warning before trips
  • Adjustable phase imbalance sensitivity
– Programmable input trip
– Individual phase loss trips
– Individual shorted SCR trips
– Int. bypass relay overload
– Int. bypass relay fail
  • Fully adjustable protectiont Network communication timeout Heatsink overtemperature Battery/clock failure Supply frequency External trip

Three output relays:
1 programmable Programmable analogue output
Motor thermistor


VLT® Soft Starter MCD 500 is wall mountable, however, a remote Operator module allows for remote control, and motor performance monitoring makes it ideal for panel installation.
  • Inside delta wiring kit
  • Software for sizing, control and monitoring
  • 8 language graphical display and keypad
  • Quick menu and appplication menu Buttons for start, stop, reset and remote control
  • Inputs for two- or three-wire control

  • Modules for serial
  • communication
  • Remote operator kit
  • PC software
  • Bypass up to 110 kW
  • Configurable bus bars from 360 A and up
  • Operation timers
  • Jog – slow speed operation
  • Auto reset of fault situations
  • Emergency run (Fire mode) 99 event log Trip log
  • User programmable metering and monitoring
  • Simulation before connecting line voltage

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