About Us

Rapid technology development and fast public absorption are fast enough nowadays, so we decide to establish a company named PT Fokus Drives Teknindo. The vision of our company is providing the best service for our customers.

We are supported by professionals and fully experienced staffs, especially in AC/DC Speed Drives & Factory Automations. so, we are ready to provide the best performance for our customers. We provide various Industrial / Factory Automation needs. For example inverter, DC Drives, soft starter and motors, contactor, PLC, HMI, capacitor bank, etc.

We are also an Authorized Distributor of Powtran's Indonesia products. Powtran has the most advanced technology in General Frequency Inverters, which are used for Industrial Environments. There are so many applications which able to be applied through Powtran System.

Our Services

  • Selling products AC and DC Variable Speed Drive from All Brands
  • Design and consulting of motor control system and automation system
  • Provides after sales services : repair – maintenance
  • Commisioning
  • Installation
As long as we engaged in this business, there are many companies that using our products. We have received many respons from them. Here is a list of companies that have used our products.
  1. PT. Pura Barutama – Pura Kertas
  2. PT. Pura Barutama – PM 5,6,9 Plant
  3. PT. Bapak Djenggot Perindustrian
  4. PT. Sai Apparel
  5. PT. Indonesia Printing
  6. PT. Central Proteinaprima
  7. PT. Ten Prima (Jawa Pos)
  8. PT. Purinusa Ekapersada
  9. PT. Sinar Mas
  10. PT. Indah Kiat Pulp and Paper
  11. PT. Univernus
  12. PT. Purinusa Eka Persada
  13. PT. Apac Inti Corpora
  14. PT. Nusantara Building Indonesia
  15. PT. Tiga Serangkai
  16. PT. Jawa Pos Group
  17. PT. Politama
  18. PT. Randugarut Platik Industrial
  19. PT. Tjiwi Kimia
  20. PT. Altra Multi Sandang
  21. PT. Aneka Ilmu
  22. PT. Garuda Food
  23. PT. Ganda Mie Sukses Arthindo.
  24. PT. TKPI
  25. PT. HIT Polytron
  26. dll
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